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It is not a goal, it is the way

Personal Development is the activity that involves deepening awareness and identity, and that encourages the development of one's own potentials.

From this perspective, my proposal as a psychologist is to develop together, different activities to walk towards personal self-realization.

Once we embark on the path of personal development, we realize that there have always aspects to discover about ourselves, our lives, our relationships, ... No matter how much introspection we have done, we can always go deeper, the path is infinite . The world is constantly changing, and we are as well.

On the other hand, it is important that you know that through this personal development, you will enter in a state of peace and greater well-being. So it is not necessary to suffer and have hit rock bottom to go to the psychologist. This will benefit you both in your well-being and in the prevention of possible mental illnesses and / or severe suffering.






Desarrollo Personal: Acerca de mí

"One does not reach enlightenment fantasizing about The Light,
but making the darkness conscious "

- Carl Jung

Desarrollo Personal: Cita célebre
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